Monday, January 3, 2011

OK, so I know it's been forever.

During the summer I came to a decision that in addition to my own Graphic Design business, I would return to work outside of the home. In September 2010 I started my new job. For the first time in 22 years I'm not my own boss. Yikes, it was a scary thought, but it has worked out very well. I now work 9-5 at work and then come home, have dinner, and work for a few hours until bedtime on my own client's work. My life is pretty much all work and no play, except for the weekends . . . I live for the weekends!!! I have to admit, a "regular" weekly paycheque is pretty sweet!

This change has allowed me some new acquisitions that I have been yearning for. Among one of them is this little beauty of an SLR. I have only wanted one for, well, forever!!

During my free weekend time, I was able to finally finish Chatelaine's Watergarden.

I also just finished Plum Street Samplers "Toil and Trouble". I did it for Jenn's 21st (gulp) Birthday this Friday the 18th.

I also got her these. She always, always wears "wings". I think she'll love them.

As for my health, well to say the least it has not been good, but I'm pushing thru none the less. The Dermotomyositis still seems to be mostly in remission (knock wood) and I'm dealing with the Fibromyalgia ok. In two weeks I have another colonoscopy and endoscopy (oh joy!) to have another look for any malignancies. Then in early May I will have surgery of some kind, either a partial hysterectomy or full hysterectomy, depending on what my uterine biopsy shows. Then early June, I have yet another breast MRI to have another look to see if any of the "spots" have changed. Hopefully everything will be clear and I can have some sort of "normal" summer this year. Oh how I yearn for that!!

Jennifer is just about finished her 2nd very successful year of University. She had decided to do a double major (English & History) with a minor in Classics. She also managed to find herself on the Dean's list this year! Yahoo!! I'm very proud of her!!

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Velda said...

You stitching, as usual, is stunning. I'm so glad to see the garden finished :) LOVE the earrings, I have a similar pair with matching necklace. 21...can't believe it, AJ will be 21 in April. I'm sorry you're going thru so much health wise, I haven't been a very good friend in that department. I hope things go okay. Miss you and love you ((hugs))