Monday, July 14, 2008

First stitchy finish of the year!!

I finally got inspired by some new stitching "stash" I ordered and received a few weeks ago and felt well enough to get some stitching done. I really enjoyed working on this one . . . Country Cottage Needleworks - Summer Garden, stitched on 32 ct Water Lily linen.

Ban Comic Sans!!

OK, I'm a fontaholic. I have way more fonts on my computers that anyone has a right to, but one I refuse to have on my computer or use is Comic Sans. This horrible font was designed by Microsoft as an attempt to humanize and perhaps update their characterless operating system and software.

I hate to see the use of this ugly font on professional printed pieces, or for that matter, I hate to see it used anywhere.

As a Graphic Designer, and having received training in the use of typography, I know a thing or two about communicating visually using type and the correct font for the purpose. If I want to communicate something serious, I use a serif font, something modern I use a sans-serif, but most people don’t know this and rarely make a conscious choice of choosing a good font. Comic Sans will turn anything that doesn’t contain the word “lemonade” into a farce.

I would have rather won the lottery . . .

I have a disease, a rare disease, a lonely disease. I found out that the frequency of this disease is about 1 in a million which equals a good chance of winning a lottery. I'd rather have the money please.

I began feeling unwell last Christmas, but it took until April to be diagnosed with Dermatomyositis. Since then I have seen my GP, a dermatologist, a neurologist, a
rheumatologist, a gastroenterologist, an opthamologist and have been run thru so many tests I'm losing track. I have had over 50 vials of blood taken, a full body CT scan (with IV dye and drinking dye), chest x-rays, upper GI series x-rays with barium swallow, EMG test and nerve conduction tests, ultrasounds, mammogram, biopies, the list continues . . . I would really, really rather have had the money!